I have ad multiple dealings with Eliva Park Thoroughbreds and Cristy Shore over the past few years including having purchased 2 horses from her, and just recently a share in a third horse.

Cristy has always been easy to deal with and very open about the horses and the business. I have never felt under pressure of obligation to purchase a horse that I wasn't 100% sure about. I have looked at multiple horses with Cristy before purchasing the ones I did and was always given ample opportunity to try and check out the horse prior to making a decision.

Cristy doesn't appear to try to sell the horses as anything other than what they are - Thoroughbreds with no racing career. She gets them thoroughly checked herself before putting them on the open market and has always looked after her clients.

For me, she is a great avenue for finding future performance horses saving me time, money and risk by giving me the opportunity to choose from a select crop of horses and giving me the opportunity to try them out, rather than having to search the country side for my next horse and not having the opportunity to see if the horse is going to be suitable.

I recommend Eliva Park Thoroughbreds to my clients for their future young horses.

Kind regards,

Sophie Warren
SW Equestrian

Would just like to take the time to congratulate Cristy Shore from Eliva Park for the wonderful job she does rehoming Thoroughbreds off the track. I have found Cristy to be very approachable and honest when it comes to these horses and we all know their best interests are always put first. I personally have purchased horses from Cristy in the past and would have no hesitation doing so again in the future.
Kristen Barnard

Eliva Park Thoroughbreds

As a former employee of Eliva Park, I have an indepth view of the quality of horse they are training and producing. Working the Pretraining and Conditioning side, we got horses fit enough to go into track work, whilst still carrying a healthy weight and a happy soul. I have a happy partnership as a rider and a co-owner for Eliva Park Performance Horses, rehoming talented and quality thoroughbreds to a life outside of racing.
Working in Eliva Park has broadened my knowledge of horse handling and stable care, as well as fitness work and training. Their fantastic facilities are hard to find, where horses are free to express themselves, and this in my opinion produces a happier horse. Owners and riders are also able to see the horses as they are naturally, reducing the chances of surprises in behaviour changes once purchased. It has been my first-hand experience that horses purchased from Eliva Park are more accepting of being rehomed, often becoming quieter, not hotter!
Cristy has a first hand knowledge of feeding schedules that increase a horses potential and maintain their condition. The pre-trainers were always sent into the racing stables well fed, ulcer free, and with gleaming coats and healthy hooves as a result of this feeding regime. Access to an 800m training track means that horses are able to increase fitness and be ready to begin fast work when they arrive at a racing stable. Their fitness levels are closely monitored, and adjusted and tailored to individual horse needs, making this pretraining facility second to none.
Lush Eventing enjoys a rewarding and mutually beneficial partnership with Eliva Park, and look forward to doing so in the Future.

Tegan Lush
FEI level 4 star Eventer, Australian Team Representative
Manager Lush Eventing Team

Earlier this year I lost my much loved show jumper and was faced with the difficult task of finding a young horse to fill the huge shoes left behind.
I eventually made the decision to look for an off the track thoroughbred and contacted Cristy. I had seen many of her previously re homed horses out competing and always looked forward to seeing the new ones coming through.
She told me of Rupert, a young gelding that had just come off the track. I felt under no pressure to even ride him when I looked at him and Cristy was very upfront about wanting the right home more than the money. That in itself made me more comfortable and less rushed to make an upfront decision, however I quickly decided that I would gladly take him on. Since buying Rupert Cristy has been in regular contact with me and always wanting to know how Rupert is going. Her nature and love of horses shows and her interest in how her re homed horses are going is so great to see. As a buyer you want to buy off someone who loves these horses as much as you love your own. When selling horses is your business it is easy to soon look at them as just another horse, however Eliva Park is not at all like that and each horse is loved and definitely well looked after, instead of being a number they are a horse looking for a loving home and a second lease at life.
Eliva Parks thoroughbreds are always and with out a doubt well conditioned, well managed, well handled and as a result have fantastic manners. They surpass the expectations and general ideas of off the track thoroughbreds.
Previously you would look at one knowing they would be under conditioned, stressed and difficult to handle, now we can expect much more as Christy has proven with hers.
I have had such a good experience dealing with Cristy and look forward to owning more Eliva Park thoroughbreds in the future.

Rebecca Treloar

Well were to begin .......

Who would have thought that Alvin would have turned out to be such a gentle giant, he has given Jess many challenges which she is slowing over coming and they have become such a great team.

It will be an interesting journey for them both to see how far they can go.

Jess & I would would just like to say how much we have appreciated all your help and support over the last two years.

You have always been so approachable,  happy to give advice when asked,  and you always show an interest in the horse's that you have sold and when possible always there on the sidelines cheering the riders on with your camera in hand.

Encouragement that means so much.

Knowing that Eliva Park is only a phone call away and that help is always on hand is great and we would recommend Eliva Park Thoroughbreds and have no hesitation buying another horse from you.

Your knowledge, care and love for horses is a credit to you.

Thanks again for everything.

Kind regards

Over the past 4 years I’ve had multiple dealings with Cristy Shore and Eliva Park.
Through all my interactions with Cristy, I’ve found her honesty and open mindedness to be refreshing.
She has truly shown that she has her horses’ and buyers best interests at heart.
On several occasions I’ve expressed interest in purchasing a horse through Eliva Park, and Cristy has been truthful enough to inform me if there was any reason that those horses wouldn’t meet my criteria.
She has also allowed me to trial horses, and has taken them back without question if I found them to be unsuitable for me. Whilst I’m afforded the luxury of trials as Cristy knows me well, it still shows that she genuinely wants buyers of her horses to be completely satisfied before they commit to a purchase.
Furthermore, the horse that I did purchase (with Eliva Park connections) turned out to be one of the best horses I’ve ever owned, in terms of talent and temperament.
Eliva Park is one of the few places that bothers to pre-vet potential competition horses, and also temperament test them, to ensure that they are aware of any issues before selling the horses and to increase the likelihood that they will meet competition rider’s demands.
I do not know of any other T/B re-homing program that offers such an extensive pre-sale service.

Cristy, via Eliva Park, has also been a huge supporter of the WA eventing scene, sponsoring not only individual horses / riders, but also sponsoring competition classes.

I’ve seen firsthand the absolute diligent care that Cristy takes of her own family’s horses, always putting their health and welfare above all else, and investigating every possible avenue if any problems do arise with either health and soundness of the horse, or during the training procedures.  

I believe all buyers can have absolute faith that Cristy will be honest and open about all her horses that are offered for sale. No guarantees can ever be given when dealing with live animals whose behaviour not only reflects their upbringing, but also their current environment, but at least with horses that come through Eliva Park, all aspects of the horses are considered, evaluated and discussed before being offered for sale.  

That is one of the reasons why so many competition riders of all standards in WA are currently sitting upon Eliva Park horses.

Kirsten Twining

Newhope Equestrian