Eliva Park is rapidly establishing a reputation for providing quality 'conditioning' and 'pretraining'.

With the knowledge and first class facilities at Eliva Park you are guaranteed your thoroughbreds will arrive in the best possible condition, looking well and feeling fit.

Located on 10 acres in Henley Brook Eliva Park is a first class facility boasting an 800m track, 6 horse walker, Roll Yard, Walk In Walk Outs, 10 horse Barn, 5 x day yards, individual grass paddocks, experienced staff and all leading Vets and Farriers visit as and when required.

'Spelling' $25 per day 'Pretraining' or 'freshening up' $55 per day

Every horse is on its own individually tailored and fully balanced hard feed 2-3 times per day and quality oaten and lucern hay fed twice per day.

Eliva Park currently has a limited number of places available for spelling, conditioning, pretraining and even the occasional 'freshen up'.