Eliva Park provides the next step for the ex racehorse to successfully transition from the race track to a new career.

We will always have quality horses, whose life history we know. We look to the owners, breeders and trainers to ensure that our horses have had the best start. We also look to our potential buyers to ensure they are able to provide the right homes. We are not a rescue centre, we are selective with the owners, breeders and trainers with which we work.

We understand the racing and equestrian industries. We are accustomed to dealing with the different behavioural traits associated with horses coming off the race track. We have the knowledge and expertise to adapt these horses so they will become suitable for your chosen equine sport.

You can be assured that our horses have received the best care and correct handling from birth, producing strong and competent individuals. We offer thoroughbreds with even temperaments that are athletic, intelligent and durable. These qualities together with the constant handling they have experienced during their lives to date means that with the right training, facilities and correct care you will find having an Eliva Park thoroughbred extremely rewarding.

Every horse is different; some will be more suitable to certain equine pursuits than others. We endeavour to identify the right type of horse for your needs, thus taking the risk out of purchasing a horse directly off the track.

A thoroughbreds breeding and training is planned and carried out with one goal in mind, winning races. They are athletes, raised and trained for speed, it is all they know. Some make it to the winners circle, some never race, for most their time is short lived as a racehorse.

Beyond the track they are also thoroughbreds; powerful, beautiful, intelligent athletes. Transitioned correctly they can have a rewarding life and successful career after racing as a sport horse or a simple pleasure horse.

At Eliva Park we take pride in giving these horses the opportunity for a new purpose in life.

There are many things the ex racehorse does not know or has not learnt. Our process includes time for let down, rest, evaluation and then onto the transitioning program. Our focus when transitioning the ex racehorse is to help the horse come down from racing mode to a physical and mental state which is relaxed and ready to begin a new career. This sometimes difficult and challenging period means you don’t have to experience the off the track thoroughbred.

Our transitional process greatly increases the chances of the ex racehorse finding a suitable and lasting home. Our horses are by no means fully schooled horses, they are however on their way to a new life and career. They are not for beginners unless working closely with a coach. They are ready for a caring and patient home with the desire to bring out their fullest potential.